Outdoor Stages Opens 2nd Location in Peterborough, Northamptonshire

Here at Outdoor Stages, it’s fair to say that we are starting 2021 with a bang! Even though the coronavirus has dominated the 2020s, we’ve remained positive and adapted our operations to not only survive but thrive over the coming months and years.

Part of that adaption has been increasing our presence in the East of England to provide a better service to clients looking for Northamptonshire stage hire services. We’ve decided to open a second warehouse based in the Peterborough area. So let’s not waste any more time and tell you all about it!

Outdoor Stages Opens Second Peterborough Warehouse Location

For us this year it was a case of new year, new location! After being solely based in Surrey for several years, we decided that there was no time like the present to extend our reach and better serve our clients in the East of England.

Part of the reason we’ve decided to open this second location is that we already supply many of our staging services to this region. So in many ways, this has been a long time coming. The impact of COVID-19 on the stage hire industry gave us the pause we didn’t know we need to reassess how we could better serve our customers, and the idea to open another warehouse closer to the heartlands of our work seemed like a no-brainer!

So that’s precisely what we’ve done! We can now put down roots and work tirelessly to become the premier supplier of Peterborough stage hire services!

In case you’re wondering where we are based, our new warehouse is within spitting distance of the East of England Showground, which is sometimes referred to as the Peterborough Showground and is also the location of the East of England Arena. As mentioned earlier, we already undertake a considerable number of stage hire operations at this venue, so it made sense to move up our equipment to a much closer location.

With this secondary base in place, we can become even more competitive when it comes to the logistical, delivery, and set up costs associated with our festival stage hire packages. But while this move does help us better serve Peterborough and the East of England showground, it also opens up a whole new region on our doorstep.

Outdoor Stages to Extend Stage Hire Services to Northamptonshire and Wider East England

To be clear, Outdoor Stages can provide a stage to anywhere in the UK, and we even supply our stages to European clients more often than you might think. But what’s obvious is that the further you are away from us, the higher the costs will be when it comes to hiring an outdoor stage from us.

That’s why opening up a new warehouse makes so much sense. We can now not only serve the city of Peterborough, but we can suddenly deliver incredibly competitive staging services to the rest of Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, and Eastern England including counties such as Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

With a lack of major road infrastructure such as motorways in many parts of East of England, being based up here will give us a significant advantage in terms of our speed of setting up as well as logistics and access. So if you’re in Northamptonshire or anywhere in the wider East Midlands give us a shout, you’ll be pleasantly surprised about how competitive we are!

So to answer your next question, what are we bring up here in terms of equipment. Well, in short, everything you could possibly need!

Peterborough and Northamptonshire Stage Hire Services Now Offered by Outdoor Stages

Now we’ve told you about how excited we are about better serving this region, let’s fill you in on the range of staging services we can provide for your event. As some of you will already be aware, we have a vast range of stage sizes for you to choose from. But just in case you are just hearing about our company for the first time, let’s through a few of our most popular options in size order.

6m x 4m Arc Roof Stage

Let’s kick off proceedings with our smallest stage, our 6m x 4m arc roof stage.

This is an incredibly versatile stage that’s just as happy outdoors as it is indoors. Whether you need a small, mobile stage to host a local band at a local community event, or you’re hosting an indoor industry seminar, and you need a stage presence to give your keynote speakers some added gravitas. It’s just as happy doing either!

Better still, we can quickly assemble and dismantle this stage for you. With perfect weather conditions and easy access to the venue, our fantastic stage crew can take this stage from delivered on-site to ready to go in less than two hours. How’s that for a quick turnaround?

We’ll have several of these stages in stock at our Peterborough warehouse so that we can provide our services to even more events come the busy summer season.

But what if you need something bigger? No problem, let’s introduce you to the next step up!

8m x 6m Arc Roof Stage

We’ve been increasingly asked to provide a bigger stage than our 6m x 4m stage hire option that doesn’t require the same outlay as some of our enormous festival stage hire options do.

That’s why we acquired a 7m x 5m stage in addition to securing another one of our 8m x 6m outdoor stages. You can click the above link to learn more about our 7m x 5m option, but we thought we would spend a little time on our 8m x 6m as it’s one of the most flexible stage hire options we have in stock.

So what makes it so flexible? Well, this particular stage boasts a range of possible stage heights. With available stage deck heights of 1.5ft, 1m or 1.3m, this is the probably most versatile stage hire option we have on offer, and it works for a variety of events.

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor cinema screening, a local music festival, or your county’s agricultural show, this particular stage can do the lot!

Next, we have our two big-hitting festival stages.

11m x 9m Arc Roof Stage

Sometimes you need to hire a giant stage structure that grabs attention and provides a suitable platform for your headline performers. That’s precisely what you get with our 11m x 9m arc roof stage. It gives your performers a workable stage surface area of 10m x 8m and boasts a stage deck height of 1.4m, which is unheard of with this style of arc roof system.

Better yet it also has a max roof height of 6.5m and a roof payload of 3500kg, making it big enough to support event productions for audiences of up to 10,00 people! That’s plenty big enough for even the most extensive shows, expos, or trade events taking place at the East of England showground!

Here’s the thing, we are the only UK based staging hire company that stock this outdoor stage. So not only can you now quickly and easily hire this stage for anywhere in Northamptonshire or anywhere else in the East Midlands, but you literally can’t source it from anywhere else!

12m x 10m Orbit Stage

Sometimes you just have to turn the dials all the way up to 11. In that instance, it’s a good job we’ve got you covered! If you want the real festival stage experience, it makes sense to hire our orbit-style 12m x 10m arc dome roof stage.

As the name suggests, this stage’s design is very similar to Glastonbury’s orbit stage. When compared to our other big-hitter, it benefits from an even bigger roof payload meaning it can support even more expansive stage productions. Better still, by way of its design, this stage has a much more prominent front overhang, giving your performers better shelter from the infamous British weather.

If you’re looking to recreate a slice of Glastonbury for your Northampshire event, then this is the stage for you.

But don’t forget, here at Outdoor Stages, the stages are merely the beginning of our services. We can supply everything you need for your outdoor (or indoor event). Let’s take a brief look at what we can offer you in terms of supporting extras from our new Peterborough base.

Hire All Aspects of Peterborough and Northamptonshire Staging Services from Outdoor Stages

Of course, while hiring a stage may be essential for your event, you need so much more than the physical structure alone. You need the associated event production equipment to really bring it to life. The good news is we can supply everything you need from our new Peterborough base to make that happen.

The first place most event planners start is with sound and event lighting equipment hire. These two additional hire services are usually a given, since even the most impressive stage structures can fall flat without being accompanied by best-in-class AV equipment.

Next up, you need to think about some of the other hire services that could take your stage production to the next level.

We’ve always believed that an excellent place to start is with PA wings. They can make your stage appear even more imposing and give your event an added air of professionalism. For sentence, if you add 3m PA wings to the side of our 11m x 9m arc roof stage, you could create close to 20m of stage front! Now THAT’s an impressive stage!

Furthermore, they can also be used to support items such as LED screens (we have hundreds of square metres in stock at our new location) and PA line array systems. So they’re pretty functional too!

No matter what you decide to add to your stage, the chances are we’ll have it in stock at our new warehouse. We can provide an end-to-end solution for stage hire services in Northamptonshire and beyond. Our selection of associated equipment hire services include:

  • Stage lighting
  • Professional sound equipment
  • PA systems
  • LED screens
  • PA wings
  • Event equipment storage shelters
  • Backstage areas
  • Side-of-stage areas
  • Power generators
  • Stage drapes
  • Truss structures and rigging
  • And much, much more!

That’s without mentioning the on-site support we can provide in the form of our experienced sound engineers and lighting technicians. That’s right; we can offer our crack AV team to oversee the technical production aspects of your event on the day.

Choose Outdoor Stages for All of Your Peterborough and Northamptonshire Stage Hire Services

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about our expansion North (well, it’s North to us anyway!). We’ll start becoming operational as soon as the spring rolls around and we already have plenty of bookings in place ready for the warmer months.

So don’t hang around! We’ve already mentioned how busy summer 2021 will be, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you need anything by way of stage hire across Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, or anywhere else across the East of England.

Give us a call on 07908916458. We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got in store!