How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Outdoor Festival Stage?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Outdoor Festival Stage?

If you’ve been hoping to put on a large outdoor festival in the near future, the odds are pretty good you started researching outdoor festival stage hire options that can suit your needs perfectly.

Unfortunately, with so many different options out there to pick and choose from zeroing in on a stage provider that can offer you the right stage, with set up, and on the dates you need it can often feel like a bit of an uphill battle.

But that’s why we’ve put together this quick guide.

Below you’re going to find details regarding how much you should expect to spend on this kind of rental, giving you the kind of inside info and insight you need to know exactly what you should be looking to spend on a top-quality stage plus delivery and installation as well as take down and removal.

Let’s dig right in!

So, how much does it cost to hire and outdoor festival stage, anyway?

As a general rule, you should expect to spend anywhere between £795 for a top-quality outdoor festival stage and about £2995 for a stage that is a little bit larger as well as something that includes lights, roofing, and a couple of other amenities that the lower priced options may not include.

Finding the right stage for your needs really comes down to anticipating how and who is going to be using this platform most, how much space you’re going to need for a stage (and how much your venue has available) and how much delivery, setup, takedown, and removal is going to cost – especially if it’s going to be an extra fee.


A lot of services tack on anywhere between £100 in £250 to deliver the stage, set it up professionally (and safely), and then take down and remove the stage when you are done. You want to check the fine print of your agreement before you sign on the dotted line to confirm that your final price is “everything included”.

Do You Offer Stage, Sound & Lighting Packages For Festivals?

Do You Offer Stage, Sound & Lighting Packages For Festivals?

The outdoor stage space that you rent for your upcoming festival is a major investment, not only from a financial standpoint but also from an event quality standpoint as well.

The outdoor stage space that you rent for your upcoming festival is a major investment, not only from a financial standpoint but also from an event quality standpoint as well.


Truth be told, the best outdoor stage set up is going to make your life as a festival organizer whole lot easier – but it’s also going to make the lives of everyone that is to perform on these stages a lot easier, too.


The best stages, market today to rent (like the stages we offer here at Outdoor Stages) are well-built, made out of the highest quality construction materials that are lightweight but incredibly strong and safe, and are always delivered and set up by experts that know exactly what they’re doing – and taken down and removed the same way.


On top of that, a lot of clients ask “do you offer stage, sound ; lighting packages for festivals” to add to their outdoor stage rental. And to that we can say we most definitely do!


We offer complete event production packages to go with every one of the different outdoor stage hire options we provide for rental, helping you to put on the entire production with as little headache and is little hassle as possible.


Anyone that has ever organized a festival or event understands just how many moving parts there are going on behind the scenes and how challenging it can be to work with a lot of different vendors.


Here at Outdoor Stages we streamline and simplify things significantly by offering an “one-stop shop” kind of service that guarantees you’re able to get everything you need for your event at a low price – and deal with just one service provider to keep things as organized as possible.


Contact us today for more details!

How Long Does It Take To Build An Outdoor Stage For My Event?

How Long Does It Take To Build An Outdoor Stage For My Event?

Regardless of whether or not you’re looking to put on an outdoor festival for a couple of days over the weekend or a multi-weeklong event that will bring fans from all over the world, finding the right outdoor stage hire for your specific needs is mission priority number one.

Sure, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right staff on hand to keep things running smoothly, the right entertainment booked to bring in the crowds, and the right facilities and amenities to serve everyone during the festival – with the stage is (quite literally) going to be the heartbeat of your festival, and it needs to be well-made, perfectly set up, and designed to facilitate the event you are putting on to begin with.

For obvious reasons, finding the right stage rental organizations can be a bit of a tall task. These aren’t the kinds of companies that most people do business with on a day-to-day basis unless they are planning major events almost around-the-clock.

These are niche services that you’ll want to research closely before you dive right in – and you’ll certainly need to make sure that they can help build your stage in time for the big event, with plenty of time to test (and retest) everything before it’s show time.

So, how long does it take to build an outdoor stage for my event you ask?

Well, like anything else in the event world this really all comes down to the kind of stage you are looking to rent, the budget that you have available, the venue that you are building your stage on, and the timeline that you are working with.


It’s a good idea to give any stage rental company (including Outdoor Stage) as much lead time as possible – six weeks minimum is a good start – but you can expect these professionals to be able to build full-sized stages in less than a day or two.

Why Should We Use Outdoor Stages As Our Event Stage Supplier?

Why Should We Use Outdoor Stages As Our Event Stage Supplier?

Trying to settle on your event stage supplier – especially if you’re new to the festival or event planning world – can feel a bit overwhelming.


It’s not that there are so few top options to pick and choose from in this industry today, particularly in the UK where festivals are going on almost every day of the year, but it’s that there are so many.


On top of that, all services promise the moon and the stars when it comes to stages, prices, and results – whether or not there able to deliver.


Here at Outdoor Stages, though, we are proud of the reputation we’ve built up in the festival and event industry as one of the premier outdoor event stage hire and suppliers in the United Kingdom. With our mobile stage higher options for London and the surrounding communities where able to offer fast, safe, and high-quality stage services at inexpensive price points in a way that few of our competitors can.

Why should we use Outdoor Stages as our event stage supplier?

When you get right down to it, there are a couple of reasons to pick Outdoor Stages as your event stage supplier but the first is the experience that we have in this field.


We know exactly how to deliver the perfect outdoor stage for your event and your festival, helping you to find the right size and the right configuration for the type of event you are putting on. This helps you save money, time, and energy having to research all of your options while always wondering whether or not your stage supplier is up selling you on something that might not suit your needs perfectly.


Secondly, we offer complete stage and event packages that give you all the lighting, all the sound, and all the safety equipment you need to put on amazing shows without breaking your budget into tiny pieces.


We are flexible in the solutions we offer, with everything from simple and straightforward packages to far more complex options and everything in between.


For more details, reach out to us at Outdoor Stages today!

When Do I Need To Book My Festival Stage? Do You Have A Lot Of Availability In The Summer?

When Do I Need To Book My Festival Stage? Do You Have A Lot Of Availability In The Summer?

It’s no secret that the United Kingdom absolutely loves festival season, with events and shows happening throughout the UK on a pretty much daily basis most of the year – but especially during the summer!

Here at Outdoor Stages we’ve had the opportunity to help festival planners and event producers with all of their stage supply needs, making sure that our clients are able to count on stages when they need them most even in the busy season.


If you are planning an event for the upcoming summer season and want to make sure that we will have stages available for you your want to check out the inside information below.

When do I need to book my festival stage? Do you have a lot of availability in the summer?

While we have a whole host of outdoor event stage solutions available for our clients in the United Kingdom (particularly in London and in the surrounding communities), we do not have an unlimited amount of stages that can be taken advantage of spontaneously or on demand.


This is especially true during the summer when UK festivals are happening almost around-the-clock, and it’s important that you make sure to reserve your stages as early as possible to guarantee that you get the stages you are looking for.


As a general role, we like our Outdoor Stages clients to reserve the stages and extras they’d like at least three months in advance (if not even earlier, whenever possible). We are sometimes able to fulfill stage orders that are placed on much shorter timelines, though during the summer this can be particularly challenging – though not impossible.


At the end of the day, we’d encourage you to contact us at Outdoor Stages at your earliest convenience to talk about stage availability and scheduling. We are sure we can work something out to fulfill your needs!

Mobile Stage Hire For London And Surrounding Areas

Our company provides a variety of stage hire options for our client base including our mobile stage hire. Mobile stages are highly convenient for a number of reasons, but the top reason of course is that it can come to you! This works well when your venue doesn't have a stage at hand, or when you want to have an event, festival, or concert outside.

Currently we are serving a wide range of local areas including Bristol, Peterborough, Exeter, Bath, Hampshire, and London, as well as others. We love our clients, and try our best to make lifelong business friends out of each and every account we create; for this reason, we would be happy to look into the possibility of services outside of these zones if it is possible. Feel free to give us a call and chat about getting some of our mobile stage hire and other equipment in your area today!

Schools In Need Of Staging

While many people assume that the mobile stage is mainly used for big concerts and outdoor events, out services are used for a wide variety of reasons and by a multitude of different clientele. One such type of client is public schools which require a stage for musical and acting performances, as well as large assemblies or community competitions.

Not all schools have the staging required to put on a spring musical or winter production, and while many have instrumental band programs, choirs, and other musical programs in place, there is nowhere for these children to perform for parents and teachers. This is when our mobile staging comes in handy, because it can be brought to you, set up easily and quickly, and it doesn't cost every pound in your pocket.

Wedding Receptions

Another type of event that we find mobile stages useful for are wedding receptions. Every bride and groom wants a live band at their wedding party, but sticking them in the back corner somewhere can make it difficult to make musical suggestions, see the players, and really enjoy the show. While the bride and groom take center stage, a mobile stage hire makes it easy for that wedding singer to croon away in the background and for everybody in the room to really get into the moment.

Having a stage at a wedding reception also makes the bouquet toss a little bit easier, and makes for a wonderful point for wedding kisses, toasts, and other attention grabbing activities that make weddings so special.

Community Theater

Not every township is equipped with a local venue that allows public access to a stage. This means that when churches and community groups want to put on performances for the locals they have to rent a place with a stage to make it happen, or forego the stage altogether. With mobile stage hire, you can turn any venue at all into the perfect theater.

All of our stages are easy to decorate and incorporate into a theme, which makes them great tools in the drama world. Community dances, bingo games, auctions, concerts, and other events can also make their importance known by using a stage to create a fun and professional atmosphere.

Getting In Touch

We always ask that clients new and existing get in touch with us either by telephone or through our website as soon as you know when and where you will be putting on an event where a stage is needed. The quicker that we get your order in, the more likely it is that we will get you the stage you want on the day that you want it. We want to make your event perfect so that you come back the next time you have a show or concert going on.

We also encourage all clients to give us a ring if you have questions about additional equipment and accessories that might go well with the event you are putting on. We don't only deal in stages, we also supply lighting, sound equipment, DJ equipment, AV equipment, and special effects like smoke machines and laser lights. So, whether you are trying to pull off a low budget community auction, or put on the most high end club night that your township has ever seen, we have what you need to make it happen!

Covered Outdoor Stages Make A Bright Day Easier On The Performer

Whether you’re hiring an outdoor stage for a sunny summertime festival, or for a small local concert, using a covered outdoor stage can make all of the difference to your event overall. While many people assume that our covered stages are meant to be used on rainy days, these stylish pieces of equipment actually make an excellent tool for presenting on bright cloudless days as well.

Currently we offer this and all of our other products to consumers within the London, Surrey, Essex, Oxford, Hampshire, and surrounding areas. If you don't see a listing for your township on our website, we would absolutely love to hear from you and get some feedback on where you live and what types of services we should offer there as well.

Making It Visual

When you hire covered outdoor stages you are protecting your band, guest speaker, or other entertainers from the bright sunlight, which not only can make things sticky and uncomfortable, but it can also be blinding. When musicians and actors are taking center stage for a big crowd, the last thing that they want to worry about is having the sun in their eyes and not being able to see where they are going or what they are doing.

Another visual aspect that you must consider when hiring one of our outdoor stages is lighting in the dark. If you plan on putting on an event in the evening hours when the sun has gone down, you may not have to worry about blinding light, but you will still have to worry about whether or not your performers can see. Covered stages often have pre-assembled portions of stage where additional lighting and sound equipment can be connected. This means that attaching overhead lighting is much easier of a task than if a stage had no covering over it whatsoever.

Protecting The Equipment

When you think about covered outdoor stages, your first thought might be protecting the actors, but you must protect the equipment as well. The heat from the sun can damage electronics, and can also make things like microphone stands and other metal accessories become very hot. Not only is this uncomfortable for the person that must hold the microphone, but it is bad for the microphone as well.

While some performers will cover their equipment in fabric to help keep some of the sun from touching metal and black portions of the sound products, others invest in a covered stage so that this isn't an issue at all. If you are wondering about what types of equipment could benefit from this type of stage hire, we encourage new and current clients to give us a ring and ask about a covered outdoor stage hire today. We can also walk you through all of the additional equipment that you might require for your big event.

Keeping Things Dry

Finally, covered outdoor stages help keep things safe from all of those elemental changes that you can't always account for when you are putting on an event of some kind. If you want to make sure that your festival or concert goes well and that the band, performers and equipment make it through without becoming uncomfortable or damaged then covering the stage can certainly help.

Covered stages don't make everything magically waterproof, and some rain and wind will still effect the concert or show, but at least with a covered stage, musicians and actors can make the decision as to whether the conditions are too poor to continue or if the staging should hold up well enough to let the show go on.

Getting To Know Us

All of our staging products, including covered outdoor stages, are listed on our website along with pricing and setup information. We love making new lifelong clients and building brand loyalty by offering only the most high quality stages and accessories in our industry. We also love hear what you think about our services and products, and look forward to future reviews, ratings, and testimonials.

If you are interested in hiring one of our stages, we encourage you to contact us. The summer months become very busy for outdoor staging, and we want to be certain that you can hire on the exact day that you have planned to have an event.

Outdoor Stage Hire

Get Your Outdoor Stage Hire Before The Competition

Summer is on the horizon, and this means that all of those crazy, fun, festivals are about to start taking up the time of event planners and concert organizers across the country. This is why we always urge our clients to get your outdoor stage hire while all of our stage products and services are still available. While we do offer a large supply of mobile stages for festivals and outdoor concerns, covered, and otherwise, during the warm months of spring and summer we get so many calls for stage hire that we always suggest people call early to be sure of availability on your date.

Currently our outdoor stage hire is available in Hampshire, Peterborough, Bath, Exeter, Oxford, Surrey, and Essex, among other townships nearby. We pride ourselves on being a local business that helps other businesses and individuals get what they need to create the perfect party atmosphere. Most of our outdoor stage hire is utilized for large scale events, but we have seen wedding receptions and small outdoor concerts hire these items as well.

Creating An Early Budget

For many planners the reason that services aren't booked too early is due to budgetary restrictions. Often it is difficult to hire equipment if you aren't yet sure what you will have available to spend. What we suggest to our clients is to create a basic hypothesized budget so that you have a general idea of what you will be spending on stage, lights, sound, and other equipment that we offer. This helps us select and reserve special items for your special day, including our outdoor stage hire.

Know What You Want

Before you can place a hold on any necessary products or services that we offer, you have to have an idea of what you need. Fortunately, our staff has years of experience with outdoor stage hire, sound system setup, lighting, and all the other parts and pieces you may require to make your event go off without a hitch. If you aren't sure what exactly you will need, but you know your theme, date of event, number of people in attendance, and the measurements of the venue you have in mind we can help you find all of the equipment that you will require. If you don't have all of this information yet, there are still some aspects we can begin working with until you get the rest of the information.

Getting Your Order In Ahead Of The Competition

There are many event planning businesses and festival organizers that work in and around London, and an even larger number of events going on regularly, which means that the warm months of spring and summer can get quite competitive. Whether you're in Surrey, Guildsford, Essex or Bath, you're going to find it difficult to hire staging and equipment if you aren't ahead of other planners in the area. If you wait until the last minute to hire these products, especially outdoor stage hire, you may be empty handed on the day of your event.

To avoid this issue, and be confident that your outdoor event will have the supplies it needs, we always impress on our clients how crucial it is to contact us well in advance of an event. In fact, the best time to contact us is just as soon as you have a date set in stone, this helps us set aside exactly what you need for that day, rather than hiring it to others who might be organizing similar events. If you have a date in mind but it may change, you can still contact us to speak about possible equipment, and then finalize when you decide on a date. As long as nobody else has booked our equipment for that time period we are always happy to oblige new and existing clients in all of our outdoor stage hire and the accessories that go along with it.

Our company was built on the principles that our clients are what come first, so we always try to give you the best possible service and high grade equipment that you have come to expect from us. If you enjoy our services, we always enjoy hearing back from clients in the form of feedback and reviews.

Festival Stage Hire

Festival Stage Hire Done Right

When you want to do something right the first time, you need to have a clear cut plan in mind, and that includes having all of the best festival stage hire equipment on hand. Our company strives to put the highest quality products into the hands of those who need them, and this includes a large selection of lighting, sound setup, staging, special effects, AV, and accessories.

Currently our festival stage hire can be rented out by residents in London, Hampshire, Surrey, Cambridge, Oxford, and various nearby regions such as Essex and Bristol. Our website has a full list of the townships we serve, but if you don't see your city on our list, we encourage you to give us a call and let us know! We are always looking to expand our business to local communities, and the relationships that we build with our clients play a huge role in our success.

Building A Better Stage

Many organizations and event planners try to build the best stage possible by creating it from various components and putting them all together before the big show, but here, we like to be sure that our clients are getting exactly what they see in the photo on our site. This means that our stages come in a package, and our festival stage hire is no different. With various outdoor qualities that help in poor weather conditions, and an easy to decorate base, our festival stages are a highly convenient option for those seeking an easy to assemble stage that will serve as a basis for any concert, theater production or presentation going on throughout your event.

Where To Put Your Stage Hire

While we provide inside and outside staging options, most festivals take place outdoors, especially in the summer time, and this means that you must have a sizable location to setup. Not only are measurements an important part of your stage setup, but the ground on which you place it will need to be smooth and even. If you find yourself having difficulty recognizing whether or not your chosen location will work well with one of our stages, feel free to give us a call. We are always happy to take a look at any images you may have of your venue location to let you know whether it looks like a good area to get started.

Setting It Up And Taking It Down

For assembly and disassembly many event coordinators find that they become intimidated by the task, and hire in third party teams to take on the task. While we do offer some DIY products, our team is happy to perform the setup and take down of our equipment to make certain that everything is where it needs to be and that your event runs smoothly. This includes a number of other products we offer such as lighting and sound equipment, which you will need to accompany your stage, particularly if you are involved in a large scale festival.

Getting The Most For Your Money

While there are many companies that offer comparable product types, it is our high end brand name equipment and reasonable pricing that sets us apart from others in this industry. One of the reasons that we put together packages for lighting, stage, sound, and other equipment is to help our clients get the most sound for their pound.

If you need additional assistance finding lower priced products from our lineup of gear, we can also help you find affordable items that will better suit your budget. Just let us know how much you are looking to spend on your festival stage hire, microphones, speakers, and AV equipment and we will be more than happy to create a grouping of products that work for you.

Feedback Is Appreciated

We love hearing feedback from our clients, especially when it is good feedback, and you can read our reviews online if you're interested in knowing more about how festival stage hire has worked out for others. You can also send us your own feedback once you have tried our services to let us know what you think, and whether or not you would hire from us again. This helps us to know what our clients like, and what needs improving, so that we can serve you better in the future.

Take Advantage Of A Covered Outdoor Stage For Any Weather Situation

Here in the United Kingdom there tends to be a trend when it comes to damp weather, and unfortunately, it doesn't seem to care whether you have an outdoor event planned or not. This is why we like to offer our clients the best in covered outdoor stages, so that you're covered in the event of rain or snow, literally.

Tested And True

All of our supplies are tested before they go out to client homes or venues, making quality a top priority for all of our customers. We want to create lasting relationships when we do business, so that we know you will be a returning customer in the future. For this reason, we often encourage new and existing customers to give us a call or send an e-mail when they have an idea for their event that they think we might be able to help out with. Being there every step of the way, especially when it comes to an outdoor party or concert helps us determine what additional equipment you might need outside of the covered outdoor staging, and whether or not all of these materials will be available when needed.

Every outdoor event is unique in its own way, requiring an assortment of sound systems setup, lighting, and sometimes additional staging. Fortunately, this isn't new to us, and our team has been working in the sound and stage industry for many years, enough to know how to setup, take down, and walk you through some DIY usage if you don't wish to have an operator from the company assisting you with the hired equipment.

Creating Brand Awareness

Covered outdoor stages provide the security you need for an event that may or may not spend a lot of time facing the elements, but it helps do more than just protect your performers from a little wind and rain, it also gives a more professional appearance to those in attendance.

Your brand or name is represented each time you plan and execute an event. Whether it is a wedding reception, birthday bash, or outdoor concert, putting your best foot forward will make others recognize your talent and dedication to your craft. Covered outdoor stages lend a little something extra to any outdoor concert or festival, providing a certain ambience to the show, and casting mystery on what is yet to come. With a covered stage there are far more opportunities for backdrops, decorative attire, and additional finishing touches outside of the general sound and lighting setup. It gives you a chance to set the stage apart from other local acts, and create a recognizable aesthetic representation for those in attendance to see.

Obtaining Our Services

Although the company has grown quite popular in London and Surrey, we also serve other townships such as Essex, Bristol, and Bath to name a few. If you're uncertain as to whether or not our services are available in your area, we encourage you to contact us and ask, as we are always looking for new ways to expand and introduce new clients and cities to our products.

Whether you are renting for your own personal event, or it is a friend, family member, or business associate seeking covered outdoor stages for hire, we are fully qualified to help with any of your event equipment needs. If you are interested in getting to know us as a company, there are plenty of useful articles and information available on our website, along with price and stock lists so that you can begin planning your party with the use of our products before you even call for a quote.

Don't Let It Rain On Your Parade

Many outdoor concert organizers choose not to worry about covered stages in the hopes that other setups, waterproof equipment, or good weather will win out and allow the show to go on, but the truth is that a covered outdoor stage offers not only coverage from wet weather, but also protection from the sun.

Summer is a popular time for outdoor concerts and festivals, and while many entertainers enjoy taking on these gigs, standing under the hot sun can be tiring, and it isn't always a positive experience for the equipment either.

If You Haven't Tried Mobile Stage Hire, This Is Your Time To Shine

Mobile stage hire is the latest and greatest in a long line of cost effective solutions to creating the perfect show venue for a concert or party. Whether you have hired a DJ for a club event, or have a life band performing a rock show, mobile stage hire will give you the look and feel you need without breaking the bank.

Currently, we offer our services throughout London, Surrey, Hampshire, and other surrounding areas such as Peterborough, Bristol, and Oxford. You can see a full list of the townships that we service on our website, but if your city isn't there, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask about the possibility of mobile stage hire in your community.

Serving Local

One of the things that we pride ourselves on the most is serving locally; giving back to areas like Essex, Exeter, and Cambridge so that they don't have to seek stage hire from out of the country. Not only do we enjoy being a U.K. company that supplies within the U.K., we also like building real lasting relationships with our clients, so that your special event goes off without a hitch, and we know that when it comes time for the next wedding or birthday, you'll give us a ring.

Another advantage to being so close to the areas we serve is that you aren't being charged exorbitant shipping and delivery charges. Instead, you will find that our prices are very affordable, and with various packages to choose from, you can find a mobile stage hire package that works for you without overspending.

Why Hire Mobile

So, there is always the idea that you don't need to hire mobile, and this is true, because in many cases you can find a venue where a stage already exists, but this isn't typical of every area. One similarity we find among many of our mobile stage hire clients is that they enjoy having the freedom to setup wherever they want. This means that if you have a concert planned in an outdoor park that isn't already equipped with a stage, you don't need to stress about not having a place for your performers to setup.

By shopping through us for your mobile stage hire needs, you'll also find a wide selection of other equipment opening up to you. Lighting displays, specialty items such as smoke machines and starlit dance floors, as well as many other products are also made available. Hiring mobile ultimately means having the ability to plan as you please, decorate the way that you envision your stage looking, and choose the venue that best suits your event.

Other Mobile Advantages

Outside of the aesthetic appeal and overall mobility, these stage types are also perfect for those events that might require additional staging that you hadn't expected. When the opening act has a little more equipment than you had initially thought, being able to add on or take off staging can be a huge advantage.

When you put on any sort of event, the goal is to have a successful turnout, and an overall great show, which means that you don't want performers getting cramped on stage, but you may also not need a stage that is too large as it can distract from the show, and cause audience members to be further back than anticipated, or obstruct the view.

Getting Your Mobile Stage Setup

Mobile stage hire allows for simple and convenient setup and take down, taking away much of the worry regarding time constraints when it comes time to ready the equipment. Furthermore, our team has worked with these products in the past, and they are all fully trained and ready to take on any event to oversee construction and disassembly when the time comes. This can be a relief to many organizers and party planners who are good at organizing events, but aren't able to professionally execute all avenues on their own.

For more information on mobile stage hire and how it might benefit your indoor or outdoor event, we encourage you to contact us. Our team of professionals are standing by and ready to take any questions or concerns that you might have. We also have a proven track record with helping clients select additional sound and lighting equipment that might also be needed.

Make A BIG Impression With Festival Stage Hire

An outdoor festival requires a loud sound, a large audience, and a BIG impression on those in attendance, because you likely want people to return to the next festival you put on. For this reason and many others you will want the best of the best for your big show, and we believe in dealing with only the highest quality and well-known brands in the business.

All of our products are tested before and after each use by a client so that the next customer to utilize our festival stage hire will have all the right equipment in working order when it comes time to get setup and started.

If you live in London, Cambridge, Peterborough, Exeter, Essex, Bath, or any surrounding areas and you're interested in pulling off an unforgettable outdoor event, look no further, our festival stage hire will easily put you on the radar of the best and brightest. We serve a wide range of communities, so don't be alarmed if you don't see your township listed on our website. We encourage all clients new and existing to give us a call and inquire as to whether your township could be added to our list.

Make Yourself Known

If you want a large turnout at your festival then you need to get the word out that you are ready to put on a rocking event for all those looking to have fun and get involved. If you advertise early enough you can also find applicants looking to work your event as well as spark interest in guests who want to buy tickets and see the show.

When you find the best festival stage hire for your event you can use this to your advantage by hiring it out a day early, setting up, and putting on a test performance of some kind to get people interested. Obviously, planning a festival takes a lot of equipment, a large budget, and some very organized planning, so setting up and playing a few weeks in advance to form a buzz is probably out of the question, but one day of practice fun can be the difference between a venue thats only half full and having a show that is sold out.

Decor and Accessories

Your festival stage hire doesn't need to stop with the platform itself, you can also rent sound and light gear from us with the same expectations as with our staging. We also encourage some of our top notch lighting displays and special affects like smoke machines and strobes to get things glowing in the dark and making a big impression.

Depending on the time of day that your festival takes place will change the lighting needs that you have. A bright afternoon event will need different lighting than an all weekend festival that will rock into the night and pick up again the following day. These are all things to take into consideration when you begin determining the equipment that you need.

Getting The Right Info

Putting your name at the top of the event planning list means having the best information on the market in regards to your equipment and accessories. Thats where we can really shine, because our staff has been working with this equipment for years, and not only do we know how everything works and how to set it up, but we also know what goes well with what and which types of equipment will be needed for an outdoor event

We encourage new and existing clients to call us with any questions or concerns that you might have regarding the equipment that we have to offer and also on other types of equipment that might go well with your event type. Whether you're seeking musical accompaniment, DIY equipment like DJ setups and wireless microphones, or disco balls and catwalk platforms, we have a large supply of just about everything and anything you could want for a blowout festival.

While we have a large selection of products, we still ask clients to call in advance if there are particular items that you have in mind for hire, otherwise you might find that the day you need them is already pre-booked by another organization or individual.

Outdoor Stage Hire Made Quick And Easy

For concerts, festivals, and other events that require staging and platform setup getting outdoor stage hire can seem daunting, especially if you're new to event planning and setup. Fortunately, there are ways to make this process as easy and painless as possible, and we absolutely love helping with this in any way that we can.

With a staff loaded full of knowledge and experience in all kinds of staging, lights, and sound system setup, there is no question too big or small that we can't help you find the answer to. We also serve a large area including London, Surrey, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, and surrounding regions. If you don't see your township on our web-page you can give us a call and we would be happy to look into your town and see whether or not we can work within your area.

Planning Ahead

Before you get ahead of yourself, there is one thing that every event planner needs before obtaining their outdoor stage hire, and that is a plan. This includes everything from your budget, to the measurements of your outdoor venue. You will want to know things like the approximate number of people in attendance, as well as the number of people who will be on your stage at any given time. This will help you and us to better choose the right type of staging, but it will also help you figure out where to place it and what type of performances can take place in that area.

We usually suggest to our clients that you have this information handy when you speak with us, either on paper or electronically; this makes your correspondence much easier, and gives us a better idea of what you are looking for. This information not only aids in selecting the right platform setup, it also offers a prime opportunity to discuss anything else you might need in the way of lighting and sound equipment.

Setup and take down

One item of concern that tends to put off some event planners is the thought of setup and take down, especially with large scale equipment. Fortunately, we provide this service for many types of equipment as well as supervision by an attendant from our team if necessary. This takes pressure off of you so that you can enjoy the festival or concert, rather than spending the entire evening worrying as to whether or not everything will run smoothly with the equipment.

Along with setup and take down, our staff is well versed in how many people each equipment package and stock item will suit, so that you have enough space for everybody and everything involved. We can also give an estimate on setup time so that you have an easier time staying on schedule and meeting goals.

Cost and Budget

As mentioned above, a budget will help you stay within your means when planning an event, and will allow you to focus on the type of finances that you have to spend on staging and other equipment that you will be needing for your show. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep our prices reasonable while still providing top of the line, well-known brands to our clients. This means that whether you are saving for a wedding, or have a big budget for show equipment, we can help you get the absolute best gear for whatever you're working with.

Budgets are different for every client, and we know that, so if you have questions about which products might save some money but still provide the same features as others, feel free to ask. Sometimes we may suggest that you try one of the pieces that will cost a bit more but give a wider range of quality and features. When it comes to outdoor stage hire the pricing will depend on how much equipment is required, but the costs are all reasonable and we have had good reviews in the past from new and returning customers.

We love to help our clients, and we want to see you again for your next event, so you know we will always give one hundred percent when it comes time to setup for your party, concert, or business conference. Call us today and let us know how we can help you with your outdoor stage hire requirements!