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Welcome To Outdoor Stages UK. We offer a vast array of indoor and outdoor covered festival stage hire solutions in London, Surrey and Hampshire!

Outdoor Stages UK is a full service London festival production company as not only do we offer a range of outdoor stages but we also hold a large stock of sound, lighting & special effects equipment.

So whether you are looking for stage hire London services or festival event stage hire solutions, our experienced London stage hire experts have the tools and skill set to deliver and meet your needs.

We hope you find this website easy to use and helpful as we all know that trying to book a stage for an outdoor event isn't as easy as one may first think.


Outdoor Stages offer you more than just a festival stage! We can supply you with a full event production package for any event or festival.

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As well as stocking outdoor stages we are one of the largest sound & lighting companies in Hampshire & Surrey. We our part of the TSH group which is an events production hire company based in Surrey.

So what does this mean you for?

This means you cut the middle man out when dealing with production companies that sub hire everything in & mark it up by 10%..... This also means you only have to deal with one hire company from the start rather than having to deal with 2 or even 3 different rental companies for staging, lighting & then sound.

The sound & lighting equipment we stock is of a very high standard & we try to turn all lighting rental stock around every 3 to 4 years as this is a fast moving business! It's easy to get left behind with hire equipment which isn't quite up to the mark. We make sure this doesn't happen.

Our main PA systems for small or medium format events use our d&b Q7 systems. For larger events we use the tour spec d&b Audiotechnik Q series which must be heard! Powered off & processed by industry standard d&b D12 & all systems are designed in ArrayCalc you have to hear it to believe it.

Lighting wise we stock just over 100 moving head fixtures, tons of LED equipment & special effects systems like 2W - 7W OPSL full colour lasers & new for 2015 is our large format LED video wall, CO2 & stage flame jets.

The LED wall is a huge 8m x 4m and is just 3.7mm in pitch! This means super high HD pictures, logos video at your event at a price point unmatched by other hire companies the CO2 and stage flame jets are a real eye catcher and a must for your 2017 festival.

Over the years we have made some fantastic friends who own backline hire companies & generator rental shops meaning although we don't stock this (we have to draw the line somewhere….) we can offer you some great advice, help & contacts for NO extra cost and you will be passed on our trade discount with these companies based on hiring a stage from us of course.

One last thing to think about which a great little extra is for any outdoor festival stage. PA wings / side stage wings, these can be used to fly a line array PA system but most of the time advertising & selling advertising space is key at any music festival. We also stock 8m line array towers but banners can not be added to these.

We can offer these stage sides in three sizes:

  • 2m wide 4m high
  • 3m wide 6m high
  • 4m wide 7m high

Now add one of these package's to the side of our large arc roof system & you have a frontal stage of up to 19m ! That's HUGE!!

** Please note we do not offer any banners nor advertising banner printing.

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Top 10 most popular questions

We are asked when someone is looking to hire a stage


Welcome to our new site we are pleased to now be able to offer our staging services along with any sound or lighting requirements you may have. We are Surrey based but are happy to travel around the UK for all your outdoor and festival related needs.


Popular stage, lighting & sound hire packages

New for 2017

Our new 2017 stage, lighting & sound hire packages

Over the last 24 months it has become apparent to us that our customers were looking for a medium sized stage somewhere in between our 6 meter x 4 meter & our 10 meter x 8 meter arc roof systems while a few of our larger customers were in the market for a larger stage than our 10m x 8 m stage.....

We have taken the feedback on board and we have two new stages on route to us, the first is an 8m x 6m arc roof stage which will arrive in the UK from Germany late Nov 2016 and the 2nd is an 12m x 10m arc dome stage which will be here late Dec ready for our 2017 festivals & events.

As usual with our stages these both comply with all the new EuroSpec 9 requirements and come complete with all the relevant structural calculations and wind loading documents – Remember any staging company telling you that these aren't needed is lying to you & your event / festival is at risk of being shut down / closed if these aren't supplied (more and more local councils are asking to see these documents even on the smallest of shows but either way you SHOULD be asking for these to insure the stage is safe for your event – never take the risk of hiring a cheap stage, it's really not worth it)

We love to give & share advice so you will see below the new hire prices for both these stages along with some package ideas that we have put together and just a few reasons why to watch out for cheap staging companies.

Any of our stage hire packages can be completely tailored to your needs / changed about and made to work within your budget BUT we aren't '' a cheap staging company'' - that said we aren't expensive either ….. Here are just a couple reasons why cheap stages should be avoided at ALL costs

  • If a staging company is offering you a really cheap stage ask yourself why? The staging rental market is quite small and there is a lot of work for companies most of the year round so there is no need to start pushing out cheap stages because then crew can't be paid the right money to do a good job or won't be motivated to work to a high standard and you will be less inclined to spend the ££££'s each year to have the staging equipment inspected by LOLER qualified personnel (LOLER is reference to - lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 1998. approved code of practice and guidance) which is a legal requirement now and again you should be asking these questions prior to booking any stage.

  • This year (2016) we must of had 20 phone calls from festival organizers asking us if we could supply a stage for their event just one or two days prior the their event happening, when we asked why did they leave it to the last minute it would become apparent that they had been let down by another staging company just a few days before the show – This WILL happen & does happen when you use a cheap stage company because if they get a better offer come in they will take it. We know this sounds unbelievable but they don’t worry about company reputation or return business they just think about the cash flow and if they can make a bit more money for the same amount of work they will make up every excuse to pull out of your event. Have a look around on Google to see for yourself just how bad some of these companies are - Avoid at all costs !

So on a more positive note let us explain & share some more info with you about our two new stages we have coming into stock:

Our most popular questions

We are asked when someone is looking to hire a stage

  • The new medium sized 8m x 6m arc roof festival stage is £1,500 plus transport & crew – this normally works out about £2,200 depending on location. The stage takes 4 stage crew around 6 hours to build but this depends on the type of ground it is being installed on.

    Our super large 12m x 10m Arc Dome stage is £4,250 plus transport and crew – We would suggest a budget of £5,850 but again depends on location. The stage takes around 12 hours to build but we tend to spread it across 1.5 working days. This stage requires access for a full size 44ft arctic lorry along with track way laid onto any wet or soft ground.

    We also get asked if the ground needs to be flat.... the short answer is yes. Building a stage on unlevel ground effects many aspects of the build, of course we don’t expect every site to be ruler flat but then don’t except a stage to be built on ground where you have a 1ft difference between each leg, it's not safe and just not doable.

  • Well both are fine but grass is a lot easier to work on as we will supply the rods which pin into the ground thus holding the stage in place – the 8m x 6m stage requires 8000kg of ballast to meet its requirements with ref to ballast and NO we don’t take any risks with insufficient loads. If the stage is to be built on hard ground then IBC water tanks or concrete ballast blocks can be used but this is not something we supply and would need to be sourced via yourself (we can point you in the right direction) so just to clear this up if the stage is being built on grass we will supply ALL the necessary equipment to hold the stage into place but if the stage is going onto hard ground your need to source your own ballast.

    Please note you will be required to make sure there are no gas, water, electric, fiber, or drain pipes where we drill, these rods are 1.5m long and 53mm in diameter and will drill into anything. You can easily get all of this information from your local council office and is normally called a ''Ground site services survey'' we can’t drill without seeing this first

  • You will find most stage hire costs are based on a per day cost, our stage costs are based on a weekend rate & include the factored in time to build the stage itself just not the crew or transport as this changes from event to event.

    If you’re looking around our site and would like to hire a few of the stages, maybe sound & lighting as well then this is where you get the best deal and value for money as your be able to combine not only the crew costs but also the transport costs into one. We strongly advise booking all stage, sound & lighting equipment from ONE supplier as this eliminates a lot of confusion between suppliers and really streamlines the whole build. We don’t know of any of production company like us that can offer this service without having to hire in or sub in extra equipment...... We stock & own everything in house and only use very trusted & experienced crew. Have a look at some of our reviews on Google and read about some of the festival productions we have worked on over the last few years. You'll find everything from small to large scale festivals and 80% of the time we are the soul supplier for that stage or event.

    Don’t forget we can also supply you your PA line array towers & any Mojo pit barrier you need for the festival, mains cable ramp is also available but if you have a power company supplying the site distro your probably find it cheaper getting all your ramp from one place I.E them :)

Thank you!

So if you’re looking to hire an outdoor stage for your festival we are the rental company that can help with every aspect of your production from start to finish.

Thank you for taking the time to read our website and we do hope the above Q & A session has helped somewhat.