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Festival Stage Hire Services

Each year, over 7,000 outdoor events take place. These events, such as music, art, drama, and literature festivals, all require festival stage hire services to be successful.

From small festival stages to large covered outdoor stages, festival stages will be the focal point of your event. They will hold the attention of thousands of screaming fans, provide the backdrop to most of the social media posts of your festival, and play a unique role in the memories and conversations of those who attend your event.

Thankfully, here at Outdoor Stages, we have every type of festival stage you could need to hire for your event. So let's take a closer look at what we can provide for you concerning festival stage hire services.

Outdoor Stages – Large Festival Stage Hire Options

No festival is identical to another, but most opt for a massive, attention-grabbing stage to present their headline performers. In that regard, we've got plenty of options for you to choose from.

If you're looking at a large outdoor festival stage, why not consider our 11m x 9m arc roof stage, which gives you a workable stage area of 10m x 8m? It boasts a stage deck height of 1.4m, which is unheard of with this style of arc roof system. It also has a max roof height of 6.5m and a roof payload of 3500kg, making it big enough to support event productions for audiences of up to 10,00 people!

Better yet, we are the only UK based staging hire company that stock this outdoor stage. It's a perfect solution for music festivals and other large outdoor gatherings such as bonfire firework displays or country shows.

Or perhaps you need to go EVEN BIGGER. No worries, we've got something for you too. You could take a look at our huge 12m x 10m arc dome roof stage. Its design is very similar to that of an orbit stage, but it benefits from a bigger roof payload and a bigger stage front overhang, giving your performers better shelter from bad weather.

This stage will attract attention as soon as your paying guests arrive, and it's a popular choice for many local and national music festivals.

Outdoor Stages – Small to Medium Festival Stage Hire Options

Sometimes event organisers opt to go for a different approach, including hiring many outdoor festival stages of a slightly smaller size to spread across multiple locations within the main arena area. In other cases, you may not need to hire some of the bigger stages due to your festival or outdoor event having a smaller audience size.

Once again, here at Outdoor Stages, we've got an impressive selection for you to choose from. At the smaller end of the scale, we have a 6m x 4m outdoor covered stage, perfect for smaller "open mic" or "introducing stages" or other less expansive festival performances such as poetry readings or stand-up comedy.

Alternatively, if you need to go with something a touch larger, we can offer you our 8m x 6m arc roof stage based on the same design as our 6m x 4m and 10m x 8m stages. The stage deck fits inside the structure and is available with 1.5ft, 1m or 1.3m legs to accommodate your specific festival stage needs.

What Else Can Outdoor Stages Provide in Addition to Festival Stage Hire?

Of course, your festival stage hire is an essential piece of your event production, but it's still only one piece of the overall event puzzle.

Regardless of the specific outdoor event type, you still need additional event hire services, such as festival sound and event lighting equipment hire. After all, even the most impressive stage structures can fall flat without being accompanied by the best-in-class AV equipment that brings them to life.

Next, you need to consider any additions you might need to include with your festival stage hire. For instance, why not add some show-stopping PA wings from which to suspend your LED screens and line arrays? By adding 3m PA wings to the side of our 11m x 9m arc roof stage, you could create close to 20m of stage front! Now THAT's an impressive stage!

We provide an end-to-end solution for organisers and planners of outdoor events. Everything you need, including but limited to:

  • Stage lighting
  • Professional sound equipment
  • LED screens
  • PA wings
  • Event equipment storage "sheds"
  • Power generators
  • Stage drapes
  • Truss structures and rigging
  • And much, much more!
Festival Stage Hire FAQs

There are many aspects you need to think about before, during, and after the festival stage hire process, so let's give you the answers to your most pressing questions in advance.

Thank you!

So if you’re looking to hire an outdoor stage for your festival we are the rental company that can help with every aspect of your production from start to finish.

Thank you for taking the time to read our website and we do hope the above Q & A session has helped somewhat.