Outdoor Stages Now Offers a Full Event Production Rendering Service

For some event organisers, picturing how a substantial outdoor (or indoor) stage will look within the confines of their venue is difficult to envision. Visualising all of the associated production equipment can be even more challenging. For some event planners, knowing what a stage and production package will look like ahead of time is crucial, not only for themselves but for regulatory bodies and local authorities too.

Here at Outdoor Stages, we are proud to announce that we are the first UK stage hire company to offer a full 3D rendering service for any of our stage hire packages. You might be wondering that may entail, so let's give you a few more details!

Outdoor Stages Launches 3D Stage Design Services

As mentioned, we are immensely excited to announce our new 3D stage design service. It will allow event organisers to get a much more detailed and accurate picture of how the stage production package will look before going ahead with placing the order. Not only will this help event planners to visualise their overall stage designs and request any necessary amendments, but it will play a crucial role moving forwards with local authorities and regulatory bodies (more on this later).

Referring back to event planners, sometimes one of the most problematic aspects isn't trying to envision the stage itself. Rather, it's the associated production equipment such as sound equipment, lighting fixtures, and LED video walls that are much harder to visualise.

Fortunately, with this new service that's no longer an issue as you will be able to see precisely where on the stage all of this equipment will be positioned, and how it will function. What helps is that the 3D software allows us to create sharp colour mockups, which are about as close to the real thing as you can get. These are not mere 2D plans; these are extensive representations.

Which Events Benefit from 3D Stage Rendering Services?

As we've talked about in the past, COVID-19 is reshaping the events industry. Moving forwards, those planning to host large-scale outdoor events such as music festivals will need to jump through the additional hoops laid out in the COVID-secure outdoor events guidance. A paid-for 3D rendering service such as ours can undertake much of heavy lifting in this regard, providing local councils and other relevant authorities an accurate representation of the stage and association festival production services.

For smaller events, 3D renders might indeed be a touch less critical. However, we will still be able to provide several "off-the-shelf" mockups that will give you an excellent idea of how each of our pre-packaged stage hire options will look at your outdoor (or indoor) event.

You might also want to invest in our 3D rendering service if your smaller event is of utmost importance. Suppose you're hosting a private event that is anticipating the arrival of some very high-profile guests and you simply have to know what everything is going to look like in exacting detail to ensure everything is perfect. In that case, this service would offer a perfect fit and ensure that the stage and associated production equipment will look precisely as you imagined when the big day arrives.

For Which Stages is Our 3D Rendering Service Available?

To put it simply; all of them! It doesn't matter whether you are choosing one of our carefully-constructed stage hire packages, or you need a completely custom set up with a full suite of supporting festival production services, we can use the software to mock up almost any stage design imaginable. It doesn't matter whether you are looking at our 6m x 4m Apex Roof stage, or you're going all-in on the 12m x 10m Arc Dome stage, our team can get to work designing the stage (or stages!) of your dreams.

Don't forget that it's not just the stage structure that we can render for you. Every aspect of the production equipment and related services is included too. For instance, let's say you want to hire an outdoor stage with two PA wings from which you wish to suspend two enormous LED video screens. We can include those requests within the 3D render without any fuss. Want to see exactly where the lighting equipment is going to be positioned? No problem. The same goes for your PA systems, stage monitors, amps, and microphones. We can build a virtual stage that is as close to the real thing as you're going to get.

The best part? No other stage hire company can offer you this service. So if you want to ensure that you book a stage that is guaranteed to look every inch as stunning as you'd imagined, it's worth ordering this unique service to take the element of guesswork out of the stage hire process.

As if this additional ground-breaking service wasn't enough, let's tell you a little bit more about why you should choose us for your stage hire and related production requirements!

Get Everything You Need from One Contractor

Anyone who has worked within the events industry will appreciate just how many moving parts there can be in the planning of an outdoor event the size of a festival. Take the stage out of the equation for a moment. There are the food and drink vendors, ticket sellers, merchandisers, booking agents, artist representatives who all need organising, and that's just the beginning of the list!

Even concerning the stage itself, you could have separate contractors taking care of stage construction, sound equipment, and lighting fixtures. Why give yourself the stress of having multiple points of contact and find yourself bending over backwards to meet the demands of each outfit? We are firm believers in handing over all stage hire and production services across to one contractor. That way, you can relay your requirements once, and let us get on with the rest. You can then focus your finite energy on other important aspects of your outdoor or indoor event.

We can provide everything you could possibly need for your stage. We have well over 100 lighting fixtures including spotlights, stage blinders, PAR cans, moving head/intelligent lights, LED pixel bar systems, and some of the best OPSL lasers in the country. That's just the lighting! We can supply top-of-the-range sound systems too, including equipment such as line arrays, stage monitors, amplifiers, mixing desks, and microphones from industry leaders d&b audiotechnik, MIDAS, and Shure.

Next, we can supply everything imaginable when it comes to production extras. Need PA wings? We can do that, no problem. Stage drape kits? Yep, we do them too. Giant LED screens are another one of our speciality hire services. We've even recently invested in power generators if your outdoor event is taking place a long way from any conventional power sources.

These services may sound impressive enough, but what really sets us apart as a stage hire company is that all of the additional equipment is owned and operated by us. While other companies may offer sound and lighting, most of the time, they subcontract their gear in. In other instances where outfits have ownership of their equipment, it's simply not up to the industry-leading quality standards we set. Simply put, we are one of only a few stage hire companies in the UK that can supply a complete stage production using 100% owned and operated stock.

Speaking of operations, our team are some of the best in the business.

Unrivalled Skills and Expertise Within the Outdoor Stages Team

If you're impressed by our equipment, wait until you meet our team! Each and every member of our stage crew, sound engineers, and lighting technicians have over ten years of industry experience EACH! Combined, they have over a century of experience to call upon.

We understand that handing over all elements of production can be a daunting prospect, especially when you consider how critical those elements are to the overall success of your event. If a band or artist can't perform as they'd like due to production issues, it could have a disastrous impact on your festival's reputation.

However, with our expert team, you can relax safe in the knowledge that your production team has literally encountered almost every possible scenario under the sun. They've already taken care of every size of event imaginable. From nationally-televised award shows in the 02 Arena to some of the biggest outdoor festivals in Europe, nothing you can throw at them will phase them.

When your industry reputation is on the line, you need experienced professionals you can trust. Fortunately, we're blessed with some of the best in the business.

Outdoor Stages Have Plenty of Stages to Choose From

Of course, choice is essential when it comes to your indoor or outdoor events requiring a stage. While we do have a range of stage hire packages to choose from, we can tweak all of our size options to meet either the restrictions of a particular venue or the needs for your specific event.

We have a range of sizes available that include:

  • 6m x 4m Arc Roof Stage
  • 7m x 5m Arc Roof Festival Stage
  • 8m x 6m Arc Roof Stage
  • 10m x 8m Arc Roof Stage
  • 12m x 10m Arc Dome Stage

But please don't forget that these stage sizes are merely a base for you to work with. We can make all manner of changes to better suit your needs, such as extending the stage footprint with PA wings to accommodate LED screens or line array sound systems. We can also supply you with additional structures that don't technically count as a stage, such as backstage areas, production booths, and equipment storage areas to name but a few.

No matter the size and scale of your event, please contact us to talk about what you might require. You might be surprised by just how flexible we are, and let it be known that while we aren't the cheapest, we will NEVER be beaten on value for money in terms of the quality of the equipment and services we provide.

Book Your Stage in 2020 and Receive a 5% Discount!

Given the recent upheaval caused by the pandemic, it may come as no surprise that business insurance rates are set to dramatically increase next year. We, as a business, are not immune to these increased insurance rates and therefore have no option to pass on at least a small proportion of those costs onto our customers.

From 2021 onwards we will have to increase our prices by 5% to reflect the increased costs as a result of increased business insurance rates. However, you can dodge those price increases if you decide to hire a stage for next year's outdoor events season before the end of the year. This offer is perfect if you're hosting a festival in the spring or summer of 2021, and can net you a significant saving over a booking made next year.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and talk to us about pencilling in some dates with the UK's leading outdoor stage hire company!