Outdoor Stage Hire Made Quick And Easy

For concerts, festivals, and other events that require staging and platform setup getting outdoor stage hire can seem daunting, especially if you're new to event planning and setup. Fortunately, there are ways to make this process as easy and painless as possible, and we absolutely love helping with this in any way that we can.

With a staff loaded full of knowledge and experience in all kinds of staging, lights, and sound system setup, there is no question too big or small that we can't help you find the answer to. We also serve a large area including London, Surrey, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, and surrounding regions. If you don't see your township on our web-page you can give us a call and we would be happy to look into your town and see whether or not we can work within your area.

Planning Ahead

Before you get ahead of yourself, there is one thing that every event planner needs before obtaining their outdoor stage hire, and that is a plan. This includes everything from your budget, to the measurements of your outdoor venue. You will want to know things like the approximate number of people in attendance, as well as the number of people who will be on your stage at any given time. This will help you and us to better choose the right type of staging, but it will also help you figure out where to place it and what type of performances can take place in that area.

We usually suggest to our clients that you have this information handy when you speak with us, either on paper or electronically; this makes your correspondence much easier, and gives us a better idea of what you are looking for. This information not only aids in selecting the right platform setup, it also offers a prime opportunity to discuss anything else you might need in the way of lighting and sound equipment.

Setup and take down

One item of concern that tends to put off some event planners is the thought of setup and take down, especially with large scale equipment. Fortunately, we provide this service for many types of equipment as well as supervision by an attendant from our team if necessary. This takes pressure off of you so that you can enjoy the festival or concert, rather than spending the entire evening worrying as to whether or not everything will run smoothly with the equipment.

Along with setup and take down, our staff is well versed in how many people each equipment package and stock item will suit, so that you have enough space for everybody and everything involved. We can also give an estimate on setup time so that you have an easier time staying on schedule and meeting goals.

Cost and Budget

As mentioned above, a budget will help you stay within your means when planning an event, and will allow you to focus on the type of finances that you have to spend on staging and other equipment that you will be needing for your show. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep our prices reasonable while still providing top of the line, well-known brands to our clients. This means that whether you are saving for a wedding, or have a big budget for show equipment, we can help you get the absolute best gear for whatever you're working with.

Budgets are different for every client, and we know that, so if you have questions about which products might save some money but still provide the same features as others, feel free to ask. Sometimes we may suggest that you try one of the pieces that will cost a bit more but give a wider range of quality and features. When it comes to outdoor stage hire the pricing will depend on how much equipment is required, but the costs are all reasonable and we have had good reviews in the past from new and returning customers.

We love to help our clients, and we want to see you again for your next event, so you know we will always give one hundred percent when it comes time to setup for your party, concert, or business conference. Call us today and let us know how we can help you with your outdoor stage hire requirements!