Mobile Stage Hire For London And Surrounding Areas

Our company provides a variety of stage hire options for our client base including our mobile stage hire. Mobile stages are highly convenient for a number of reasons, but the top reason of course is that it can come to you! This works well when your venue doesn't have a stage at hand, or when you want to have an event, festival, or concert outside.

Currently we are serving a wide range of local areas including Bristol, Peterborough, Exeter, Bath, Hampshire, and London, as well as others. We love our clients, and try our best to make lifelong business friends out of each and every account we create; for this reason, we would be happy to look into the possibility of services outside of these zones if it is possible. Feel free to give us a call and chat about getting some of our mobile stage hire and other equipment in your area today!

Schools In Need Of Staging

While many people assume that the mobile stage is mainly used for big concerts and outdoor events, out services are used for a wide variety of reasons and by a multitude of different clientele. One such type of client is public schools which require a stage for musical and acting performances, as well as large assemblies or community competitions.

Not all schools have the staging required to put on a spring musical or winter production, and while many have instrumental band programs, choirs, and other musical programs in place, there is nowhere for these children to perform for parents and teachers. This is when our mobile staging comes in handy, because it can be brought to you, set up easily and quickly, and it doesn't cost every pound in your pocket.

Wedding Receptions

Another type of event that we find mobile stages useful for are wedding receptions. Every bride and groom wants a live band at their wedding party, but sticking them in the back corner somewhere can make it difficult to make musical suggestions, see the players, and really enjoy the show. While the bride and groom take center stage, a mobile stage hire makes it easy for that wedding singer to croon away in the background and for everybody in the room to really get into the moment.

Having a stage at a wedding reception also makes the bouquet toss a little bit easier, and makes for a wonderful point for wedding kisses, toasts, and other attention grabbing activities that make weddings so special.

Community Theater

Not every township is equipped with a local venue that allows public access to a stage. This means that when churches and community groups want to put on performances for the locals they have to rent a place with a stage to make it happen, or forego the stage altogether. With mobile stage hire, you can turn any venue at all into the perfect theater.

All of our stages are easy to decorate and incorporate into a theme, which makes them great tools in the drama world. Community dances, bingo games, auctions, concerts, and other events can also make their importance known by using a stage to create a fun and professional atmosphere.

Getting In Touch

We always ask that clients new and existing get in touch with us either by telephone or through our website as soon as you know when and where you will be putting on an event where a stage is needed. The quicker that we get your order in, the more likely it is that we will get you the stage you want on the day that you want it. We want to make your event perfect so that you come back the next time you have a show or concert going on.

We also encourage all clients to give us a ring if you have questions about additional equipment and accessories that might go well with the event you are putting on. We don't only deal in stages, we also supply lighting, sound equipment, DJ equipment, AV equipment, and special effects like smoke machines and laser lights. So, whether you are trying to pull off a low budget community auction, or put on the most high end club night that your township has ever seen, we have what you need to make it happen!