Make A BIG Impression With Festival Stage Hire

An outdoor festival requires a loud sound, a large audience, and a BIG impression on those in attendance, because you likely want people to return to the next festival you put on. For this reason and many others you will want the best of the best for your big show, and we believe in dealing with only the highest quality and well-known brands in the business.

All of our products are tested before and after each use by a client so that the next customer to utilize our festival stage hire will have all the right equipment in working order when it comes time to get setup and started.

If you live in London, Cambridge, Peterborough, Exeter, Essex, Bath, or any surrounding areas and you're interested in pulling off an unforgettable outdoor event, look no further, our festival stage hire will easily put you on the radar of the best and brightest. We serve a wide range of communities, so don't be alarmed if you don't see your township listed on our website. We encourage all clients new and existing to give us a call and inquire as to whether your township could be added to our list.

Make Yourself Known

If you want a large turnout at your festival then you need to get the word out that you are ready to put on a rocking event for all those looking to have fun and get involved. If you advertise early enough you can also find applicants looking to work your event as well as spark interest in guests who want to buy tickets and see the show.

When you find the best festival stage hire for your event you can use this to your advantage by hiring it out a day early, setting up, and putting on a test performance of some kind to get people interested. Obviously, planning a festival takes a lot of equipment, a large budget, and some very organized planning, so setting up and playing a few weeks in advance to form a buzz is probably out of the question, but one day of practice fun can be the difference between a venue thats only half full and having a show that is sold out.

Decor and Accessories

Your festival stage hire doesn't need to stop with the platform itself, you can also rent sound and light gear from us with the same expectations as with our staging. We also encourage some of our top notch lighting displays and special affects like smoke machines and strobes to get things glowing in the dark and making a big impression.

Depending on the time of day that your festival takes place will change the lighting needs that you have. A bright afternoon event will need different lighting than an all weekend festival that will rock into the night and pick up again the following day. These are all things to take into consideration when you begin determining the equipment that you need.

Getting The Right Info

Putting your name at the top of the event planning list means having the best information on the market in regards to your equipment and accessories. Thats where we can really shine, because our staff has been working with this equipment for years, and not only do we know how everything works and how to set it up, but we also know what goes well with what and which types of equipment will be needed for an outdoor event

We encourage new and existing clients to call us with any questions or concerns that you might have regarding the equipment that we have to offer and also on other types of equipment that might go well with your event type. Whether you're seeking musical accompaniment, DIY equipment like DJ setups and wireless microphones, or disco balls and catwalk platforms, we have a large supply of just about everything and anything you could want for a blowout festival.

While we have a large selection of products, we still ask clients to call in advance if there are particular items that you have in mind for hire, otherwise you might find that the day you need them is already pre-booked by another organization or individual.