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Outdoor Stage Hire

Over 7,000 outdoor events take place each year in the UK. Whether it's a drama production, comedy event, or music festival, if you're planning an outdoor event, the chances are that you will need to invest in outdoor stage hire.

Luckily, you've come to the right place. As our name suggests, we boast an enormous selection of outdoor stage hire options for you to choose from here at Outdoor Stages. Whether you need a bandstand stage for a classical music concert, or you need a stage big enough to appease thousands of music festivalgoers, we've got you covered.

So let's take a closer look at the selection of outdoor stages we have on offer.

Large Outdoor Stage Hire Options

While outdoor events occur across a broad range of industries, most require a stage acting as a focal point. In the case of music festivals and similar concerts, it's often a case of the bigger, the better.

That's why we have an impressive range on large outdoor stages on hand to supply event organisers looking for the wow factor! The first option we have in this category is our 11m x 9m arc roof stage, which gives you a workable stage area of 10m x 8m.

It boasts a stage deck height of 1.4m, a max roof height of 6.5m, and a roof payload of 3500kg! We think you'll agree that those are impressive specs by any standard. These features, paired with the fact that it can support a stage production for a crowd size of up to 10,000, make it one of our most popular stage hire choices.

We are the only UK supplier of this stage, meaning you'll have to act fast to secure before it gets booked up for the busy UK summer festival season!

Popular as that stage is, we can do one better in terms of sheer size and stage presence with our giant 12m x 10m arc dome roof stage. It benefits from an even greater stage surface area, a generous roof overhang that gives better protection against the elements to performers and equipment, and an eye-catching "orbit"-style design.

If you're trying to replicate the "Other Stage" from Glastonbury, then this is the outdoor stage hire option for you!

Small to Medium-Sized Outdoor Stage Hire Options

Not all outdoor events require enormous stages. Small, local gatherings have the same need for an event focal point but don't quite need the sheer scale of our more extensive outdoor stage options. If that sounds like you, then great, we've still got plenty of smaller options for you to choose from too.

If you're looking for something small but functional, then our 6m x 4m outdoor covered stage might be right up your street. It's perfect for smaller "open mic" or "introducing stages" at big festivals or other less expansive occasions such as local community events and gatherings.

It's incredible value for money, and better yet we can set it up within a couple of hours if you're hosting an outdoor event at a venue with strict time restraints.

What if you need something with a bit more presence, but you perhaps don't quite have the size and scale of event to justify our huge festival-style stages. Worry not, we've got you covered in this instance too.

We recently acquired an 8m x 6m arc roof stage (based on the same design as our 6m x 4m and 10m x 8m stages), to fill the gap between our smallest and our largest stages. With available stage deck heights of 1.5ft, 1m or 1.3m, this is one of the most flexible stages we have on offer and is another popular choice for outdoor event planners.

What Else Can Outdoor Stages Provide in Addition to Outdoor Stage Hire?

Of course, your outdoor stage hire only represents a fraction of the technical event production aspects you're going to need as an event organiser. For starters, you're going to need outdoor sound and event lighting equipment hire. Even the most eye-catching stage designs can look a tad uninspiring without the accompanying AV equipment bringing them to life.

But it goes further than that. You will probably need PA wings, power generators, LED screens, and much more to bring your entire stage production together. The good news is you're in the right place. We can provide all of that and more including but not limited to:

  • Stage lighting
  • Professional sound equipment
  • LED screens
  • PA wings
  • Event equipment storage "sheds"
  • Power generators
  • Stage drapes
  • Truss structures and rigging
  • And much, much more!
Outdoor Stage Hire FAQs

Whether you're new to the events industry or simply never worked with us before, you'll likely have plenty of questions when evaluating outdoor stage hire companies. So we thought we would get ahead the game by answering the bulk of your questions up front.

Thank you!

So if you’re looking to hire an outdoor stage for your festival we are the rental company that can help with every aspect of your production from start to finish.

Thank you for taking the time to read our website and we do hope the above Q & A session has helped somewhat.