When Do I Need To Book My Festival Stage? Do You Have A Lot Of Availability In The Summer?

When Do I Need To Book My Festival Stage? Do You Have A Lot Of Availability In The Summer?

It’s no secret that the United Kingdom absolutely loves festival season, with events and shows happening throughout the UK on a pretty much daily basis most of the year – but especially during the summer!

Here at Outdoor Stages we’ve had the opportunity to help festival planners and event producers with all of their stage supply needs, making sure that our clients are able to count on stages when they need them most even in the busy season.


If you are planning an event for the upcoming summer season and want to make sure that we will have stages available for you your want to check out the inside information below.

When do I need to book my festival stage? Do you have a lot of availability in the summer?

While we have a whole host of outdoor event stage solutions available for our clients in the United Kingdom (particularly in London and in the surrounding communities), we do not have an unlimited amount of stages that can be taken advantage of spontaneously or on demand.


This is especially true during the summer when UK festivals are happening almost around-the-clock, and it’s important that you make sure to reserve your stages as early as possible to guarantee that you get the stages you are looking for.


As a general role, we like our Outdoor Stages clients to reserve the stages and extras they’d like at least three months in advance (if not even earlier, whenever possible). We are sometimes able to fulfill stage orders that are placed on much shorter timelines, though during the summer this can be particularly challenging – though not impossible.


At the end of the day, we’d encourage you to contact us at Outdoor Stages at your earliest convenience to talk about stage availability and scheduling. We are sure we can work something out to fulfill your needs!