Festival Stage Hire

Festival Stage Hire Done Right

When you want to do something right the first time, you need to have a clear cut plan in mind, and that includes having all of the best festival stage hire equipment on hand. Our company strives to put the highest quality products into the hands of those who need them, and this includes a large selection of lighting, sound setup, staging, special effects, AV, and accessories.

Currently our festival stage hire can be rented out by residents in London, Hampshire, Surrey, Cambridge, Oxford, and various nearby regions such as Essex and Bristol. Our website has a full list of the townships we serve, but if you don't see your city on our list, we encourage you to give us a call and let us know! We are always looking to expand our business to local communities, and the relationships that we build with our clients play a huge role in our success.

Building A Better Stage

Many organizations and event planners try to build the best stage possible by creating it from various components and putting them all together before the big show, but here, we like to be sure that our clients are getting exactly what they see in the photo on our site. This means that our stages come in a package, and our festival stage hire is no different. With various outdoor qualities that help in poor weather conditions, and an easy to decorate base, our festival stages are a highly convenient option for those seeking an easy to assemble stage that will serve as a basis for any concert, theater production or presentation going on throughout your event.

Where To Put Your Stage Hire

While we provide inside and outside staging options, most festivals take place outdoors, especially in the summer time, and this means that you must have a sizable location to setup. Not only are measurements an important part of your stage setup, but the ground on which you place it will need to be smooth and even. If you find yourself having difficulty recognizing whether or not your chosen location will work well with one of our stages, feel free to give us a call. We are always happy to take a look at any images you may have of your venue location to let you know whether it looks like a good area to get started.

Setting It Up And Taking It Down

For assembly and disassembly many event coordinators find that they become intimidated by the task, and hire in third party teams to take on the task. While we do offer some DIY products, our team is happy to perform the setup and take down of our equipment to make certain that everything is where it needs to be and that your event runs smoothly. This includes a number of other products we offer such as lighting and sound equipment, which you will need to accompany your stage, particularly if you are involved in a large scale festival.

Getting The Most For Your Money

While there are many companies that offer comparable product types, it is our high end brand name equipment and reasonable pricing that sets us apart from others in this industry. One of the reasons that we put together packages for lighting, stage, sound, and other equipment is to help our clients get the most sound for their pound.

If you need additional assistance finding lower priced products from our lineup of gear, we can also help you find affordable items that will better suit your budget. Just let us know how much you are looking to spend on your festival stage hire, microphones, speakers, and AV equipment and we will be more than happy to create a grouping of products that work for you.

Feedback Is Appreciated

We love hearing feedback from our clients, especially when it is good feedback, and you can read our reviews online if you're interested in knowing more about how festival stage hire has worked out for others. You can also send us your own feedback once you have tried our services to let us know what you think, and whether or not you would hire from us again. This helps us to know what our clients like, and what needs improving, so that we can serve you better in the future.