Covered Outdoor Stages Make A Bright Day Easier On The Performer

Whether you’re hiring an outdoor stage for a sunny summertime festival, or for a small local concert, using a covered outdoor stage can make all of the difference to your event overall. While many people assume that our covered stages are meant to be used on rainy days, these stylish pieces of equipment actually make an excellent tool for presenting on bright cloudless days as well.

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Making It Visual

When you hire covered outdoor stages you are protecting your band, guest speaker, or other entertainers from the bright sunlight, which not only can make things sticky and uncomfortable, but it can also be blinding. When musicians and actors are taking center stage for a big crowd, the last thing that they want to worry about is having the sun in their eyes and not being able to see where they are going or what they are doing.

Another visual aspect that you must consider when hiring one of our outdoor stages is lighting in the dark. If you plan on putting on an event in the evening hours when the sun has gone down, you may not have to worry about blinding light, but you will still have to worry about whether or not your performers can see. Covered stages often have pre-assembled portions of stage where additional lighting and sound equipment can be connected. This means that attaching overhead lighting is much easier of a task than if a stage had no covering over it whatsoever.

Protecting The Equipment

When you think about covered outdoor stages, your first thought might be protecting the actors, but you must protect the equipment as well. The heat from the sun can damage electronics, and can also make things like microphone stands and other metal accessories become very hot. Not only is this uncomfortable for the person that must hold the microphone, but it is bad for the microphone as well.

While some performers will cover their equipment in fabric to help keep some of the sun from touching metal and black portions of the sound products, others invest in a covered stage so that this isn't an issue at all. If you are wondering about what types of equipment could benefit from this type of stage hire, we encourage new and current clients to give us a ring and ask about a covered outdoor stage hire today. We can also walk you through all of the additional equipment that you might require for your big event.

Keeping Things Dry

Finally, covered outdoor stages help keep things safe from all of those elemental changes that you can't always account for when you are putting on an event of some kind. If you want to make sure that your festival or concert goes well and that the band, performers and equipment make it through without becoming uncomfortable or damaged then covering the stage can certainly help.

Covered stages don't make everything magically waterproof, and some rain and wind will still effect the concert or show, but at least with a covered stage, musicians and actors can make the decision as to whether the conditions are too poor to continue or if the staging should hold up well enough to let the show go on.

Getting To Know Us

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