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To Outdoor Stages UK. We offer a range of indoor and outdoor covered festival stage solutions.

Outdoor Stages Uk is a complete festival production company as not only do we offer a range of outdoor stages we always hold a large stock of sound, lighting & special effects equipment.

We hope you find this website easy to use and helpful as we all know that trying to book a stage for an outdoor event isn’t as easy as one may first think.


Outdoor Stages offer you more than just a festival stage! We can supply you with a full event production package for any event or festival.

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As well as stocking outdoor stages we are one of the largest sound & lighting companies in Hampshire & Surrey. We our part of the TSH group which is an events production hire company based in Surrey.

So what does this mean you for?

This means you cut the middle man out when dealing with production companies that sub hire everything in & mark it up by 10%..... This also means you only have to deal with one hire company from the start rather than having to deal with 2 or even 3 different rental companies for staging, lighting & then sound.

The sound & lighting equipment we stock is of a very high standard & we try & turn all lighting rental stock around every 3 to 4 years as this is a fast moving business! It's easy to get left behind with hire equipment which isn't quite up to the mark. We make sure this doesn't happen.

Our main PA systems are small or medium format Ohm TRS systems or our RCF line array. For larger events we use the tour spec Ohm HD-MH system which must be heard! Powered off racks of MC2 E90 & MC2 E100's & processed by the latest XTA548’s you have to hear it to believe it.

Lighting wise we stock just over 100 moving head fixtures, tonnes of LED equipment & special effects systems like 2W - 7W OPSL full colour lasers & new for 2015 is our large format LED video wall.

The LED wall is a huge 8m x 4m and is just 3.7mm in pitch! This means super high HD pictures, logos video at your event at a price point unmatched by other hire companies.

Over the years we have made some fantastic friends with backline hire companies & generator rental shops meaning although we don't stock this (we have to draw the line somewhere….) we can offer you some great advice, help & contacts for NO extra cost and you will be passed on our trade discount with these companies.

One last thing to think about which a great little extra is for any outdoor festival stage. PA wings / side stage wings, these can be used to fly a line array PA system but most of the time advertising & selling advertising space is key at any music festival.

We can offer these stage sides in three sizes:

  • 2m wide 4m high
  • 3m wide 6m high
  • 4m wide 7m high

Now add one of these package's to the side of our large arc roof system & you have a frontal stage of up to 19m ! That's HUGE!!

** Please note we do not offer any banners nor advertising banner printing.

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Welcome to our new site we are pleased to now be able to offer our staging services along with any sound or lighting requirements you may have. We are Surrey based but are happy to travel around the UK for all your outdoor and festival related needs.

Outdoor Stage Hire

Summer is on the horizon, and this means that all of those crazy, fun, festivals are about to start taking up the time of event planners and concert organizers across the country. This is why we always urge our clients to get your outdoor stage hire while all of our stage products and services are still available.

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So if you’re looking to hire an outdoor stage for your festival we are the rental company that can help with every aspect of your production from start to finish.

Thank you for taking the time to read our website and we do hope the above Q & A session has helped somewhat.